First edition

This online training belongs to the first edition of Academic Writing Skills.

Online writing course for social science students

Academic Writing Skills is an online course for students of psychology, pedagogy and social sciences. The course consists of seven digital programs, that have been given the title Diskits (abbreviation of Digital Skill Training).  Each Diskit offers explanation on a topic, based on one or more rules. Following this you have to complete exercises aimed at teaching you to apply the rules. There is no perfect text structure or perfect way of expressing a writer's intentions in sentences or paragraphs. Therefore the feedback for the exercises completed is usually a good example, i.e. the 'expert version'. You can compare your own answer to this expert version. Eventually you will be able to use the rules to complete and revise your own writing assignment.

The explanation and rules are given in the book Academic Writing Skills.


The aim of the course is for students to practise specific writing skills, without the teacher having to spend hours providing instruction and comments. 


This successful course has been in use at various universities and universities of applied science for many years.

Second Edition